Sr. noParameterBlock VolumeLocal NVMeFile Storage
1TypeNVMe SSD based block storageNVMe SSD based temporary storageNFSv3 compatible file storage
3StructureBlock level structureBlock level structureHierarchical
4DurabilityDurable(multiple copies in an AD)Non-persistent survives rebootsDurable(multiple copies in an AD)
5CapacityPetabytes +Terabyte +Exabyte +
6Unit Size50 GB to 32 TB/vol 32 vols/instance51.2 TB, 6.4 – 25.6 TB for VMUpto 8 Exabyte
7Use casesDatabases, VMFS, NTFS, boot and data disks for instancesOLTP, NoSQL, Data WarehousingOracle apps (EBS), HPC, General purpose file system

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