Web Scraping with Python

What is Web Scraping? Today we are going to see, How to do web scraping using Python? Extracting or fetching content/data from a website/websites can be called as Web Scraping. It is an automated, programmatic process by which data can be constantly scraped (extracted) from webpages. We can extract underlying HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), […]

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Security and Cryptography with Python

Python is one of the famous programming langauges among users due to its vast applications and libraries. Python has a great potential in security and cryptography. Let us explore different cryptographic features and implementation in python and its uses in computer and network security to hashing and encryption/decryption algorithms.   Secure password Hashing: To perform […]

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What is NGRAM?

Before getting into What is NGRAM? we must understand Where NGRAMS are used? NGRAM is terminologies used in NLP (Natural Language Processing) What is NLP? NLP or Natural Language Processing is method of interacting with an intelligent system using natural language. It can be referred as a amalgam of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and linguistics. There […]

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