• What is NGRAM?

    What is NGRAM?

    Before getting into What is NGRAM? we must understand Where NGRAMS are used? NGRAM is terminologies used in NLP (Natural Language Processing) What is NLP? NLP or Natural Language Processing is method of interacting with an intelligent system using natural language. It can be referred as a amalgam of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and linguistics. There […]

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  • World’s First Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – Part 3

    World’s First Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – Part 3

    Due to the control given to few groups of people, fiat is a _____________ form of money. unfair centralized When the supply of a monetary good continues to be inflated, it is ________________. becoming less valuable Government fiat has a(n) ______________ supply. infinite What are some other traits in which fiat money falls behind? Verifiability Censorship-resistance […]

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  • World’s First Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – Part 2

    World’s First Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – Part 2

    The exchange of goods and services prior to money is known as ___________. barter What is a monetary good? A good used for exchange, not for consumption What are some examples of an easy money? Shells Beads Fiat What do we look for when looking at the scarcity of a monetary good? A limited supply […]

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  • World’s First Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – Part 1

    World’s First Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – Part 1

    What is the smallest unit of a Bitcoin called? (1/100,000,000) A sat, or satoshis Who is the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin? Satoshi Nakamoto When was the Bitcoin network launched? January 3rd, 2009 What was Satoshi targeting through the creation of Bitcoin? Centralization Censorship Trust in 3rd parties What is the Bitcoin White Paper? Satoshi’s outline […]

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  • World’s First Cryptocurrency Bitcoin – Part 4

    World’s First Cryptocurrency Bitcoin – Part 4

    Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Unknown creator(s) of Bitcoin What happened on January 3rd, 2009? Bitcoin was launched What primary flaws with fiat does Bitcoin solve?  Censorship Centralization Unlimited supply A _________ is _________ of a whole Bitcoin. sat; 100,000,000th What is the Bitcoin white paper? outline written by Satoshi Prior to Bitcoin, central banks & government’s […]

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  • Flush DNS cache

    Open Chrome. In the URL bar type in chrome://net-internals/#dns In the left pane click ‘DNS’. In the right pane click Clear host cache.

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  • Version Control

    Version control is software that allows you to manage changes to files over time. We can use version control tools to version code, binary files, and digital assets Version control helps for following Track what is modified and by when. Compare changes overtime. Revert to an earlier version of development. Allows collaboration. Without Version control […]

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  • GIT Terminologies

    Repository A collection of all files related to a project along with the history Init Initializes and creates a local repository Add Add the changes to the staging area Commit The act of creating a snapshot of the current progress, typically identified by a character code Pull The process of downloading commits that don’t exist […]

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  • React Navigation [Class and Functional Component]

    Navigation in mobile application is important as it gives authority to user to change screen on-click. To achieve navigation in React Native we can use React Navigation. Getting started | React Navigation React Navigation is a popular library used with React Native for navigation. Let’s understand how to implement React Navigation with Class Components and […]

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  • Amazon Honeycode

    Amazon Honeycode

    Amazon is almost leading everywhere. Low-code & no-code will be the future of mobile application development. As both are based on the principles of automatic code generation. Low-code development platforms and no-code development platforms are based on the principles of model-driven design, automatic code generation, and visual programming. Amazon Honeycode gives us the power to build apps for […]

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